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About us


   As a company specializing in the agency and sale of swimming wears and swimming appliance, Jin He International Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd is established in 2000 with its headquarters set up in Dalian, China.  And these 13 years has witnessed the rapid growth of our company.  The main distribution channels of our company are the famous international five-star hotel chains in China.  In the future, our company will keep adhering to the company philosophy which is “Honesty, Achievement and Reformation”, and keep providing quality products and service for even more five-star hotels.
Ⅰ. Product Category
   Product categories of our company include men/women swimwear, swimming goggles, gym wear, yoga suits, sportswear, clothes for beach, accessories of swimming appliance, sports underwear, diving equipment, water inflatable toys and the like.
Ⅱ.  Agent Brand
       The main agent brands are CNYE (Korea), Speedo (Australia), Arena (France), Adidas (US), Intex (US, inflatable toys brand), Bestway (US, inflatable toys brand ) and so on.
Ⅲ.  Distribution Channel
    The main distribution channels of our company are through the cooperation with international hotel group chains. Our company has obtained the right to import and export authorized by the government of the People’s Republic of China.  Our company’s business scope includes the whole mainland of China.  The cooperation partners include Intercontinental Hotels Group (UK), Marriott Hotels Group (US), Accor Hotels Group (France), Hilton Hotels Group (US), Starwood Hotels Group (US), Carlson Hotels Group (US), Hyatt Hotels Group (US), Kempinski Hotels Group (Germany), Four Seasons Hotels Group (Canada) and Shangri-La Hotels Group (Hong Kong) and so on, with whom our company has at present signed more than 100 contracts.  And our company has a gross annual turnover of about¥8 million only through the channel of hotels.
  We will carry out diverse products allocating system, and regulate the structure of products according to the needs of our customers.   
Ⅳ. Company Structure
     General Manager, Assistant Manager, Administrative Director (1), Financial Department (Cashier 2, Accountant 3), Business Department (Business Manager 1, Sales Representative 3), Auditor 1, Planning Director 2, Logistics Department (Warehouse Supervisor 1, Tally Clerk 4, Internal Staff 1, Driver 1), and Part-time Employees 47(throughout the country).          
Ⅴ. Company Commitment 
1. Exclusive Brand for clients
 The Korean brand CNYE (swimming appliance) has been exclusively supplied for the hotel customers in the country without any other distribution channel.  For middle and high-end customers, our company is dedicated ourselves to providing the exclusive products with dignity and quality service, and creates an infinite room for the sale of swimming appliance for our hotel partners!
2. Service Support 
 Our company would communicate with our hotel clients timely, improve the product structure constantly and change the goods when necessary so as to better satisfy the consumption needs of our customers.  Our company would send staff to take charge of tasks like warehouse inventory work for our hotel partners per month in different places.
3. Quality Guarantee
    We promise that the quality of the products that we have provided is unsurpassed in the whole industry.  Our hotel clients can exchange the unqualified goods for customers before making notification to our company. 
4. Sufficient Goods Supply
     Our company shall ensure the sufficient goods supply for each hotel on the basis of the analysis of objective data like client sales.  We can ensure that there would be sufficient products for at least 45 days’ sale. The area of the warehouse at the headquarters is 1,000 square meters with products worth ¥10 million.
5. Logistics
     Our logistics partners include SF Express, STO Express, YTO Express, Debang Express and so on.  Our company can ensure a timely delivery for our hotel partners.
Ⅵ. Company Development Plan
      Our company is making great endeavors to become the best swimming appliance supplier for five-star hotels in China.  Our company will keep developing new cooperation partners and distribution channels while providing quality products and service for the current hotel groups like always.  New distribution channels include the physical stores and web shops.  Our company will adhere to the company spirit “Because of the focus, so professional” like always, and aims at providing more hotel clients with quality-guaranteed products and service all over the world.
Ⅶ. Company Subsidiaries
      Dalian Pengyuange Products Trading Co., Ltd.
      CNYE International Trade Co., Ltd
      Ruipu Trade Company Zhongshan Zone Dalian
      CNYE Sales Department Xinzhaizi Ganjingzi Zone Dalian
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